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Auto Accidents Lawyer • San Antonio

The personal injury attorneys at Trevino Injury Law represent individuals seriously injured in auto accidents in San Antonio and throughout Texas.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured as a direct result of the careless, negligent, wrongful, or reckless act of a company, person, or a municipality in an auto accident we will aggressively advocate for your just compensation.

Wrongful injury or loss of a loved one is devastating. Trevino Injury Law takes pride in addressing clients’ full range of [questions and concerns]. We will make sure you thoroughly understand your rights.

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Texas Motor Vehicle Accidents

The Texas Department of Transportation records over 3,000 deaths on roadways statewide each year. That is the equivalent of one traffic fatality every 2.5 hours in Texas. The number of injuries is far greater, with a reported 80,000 people sustaining serious injuries in 2011 alone. These injuries and fatalities include drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

Texas traffic collisions amount to a combined economic loss of roughly $20 million every year. The hidden cost of your health, ability to work and enjoy life, and loss of a loved one cannot be measured. The steady rate of auto accidents in Texas is a threat to everyone, including the most cautious of drivers. Trevino Injury Law believes we have a duty to pursue justice after an accident in order to discourage reckless and negligent driver behavior, and support accident victims in their recovery.

Reckless and Neglient Driving

Motor vehicle accidents can happen for many different reasons and there is often more than one factor contributing to a crash. Most car accidents are the result of reckless or negligent driving, like speeding or driving while intoxicated. In 2011, drunk drivers caused 34.5 percent of Texas roadway fatalities, and contributed to even more injury and property damage. Disregarding traffic control devices and signals is another example of reckless driving. If a driver has been reckless or negligent, they can be held responsible for compensation of damages, and charged with a criminal offense

Driver Distraction and Inattention

Texting or using another handheld electronic device while driving is a growing concern. Over 1 million accidents a year involve cell phone use, and text messaging increases the risk of a crash by 23 percent. Using a cell phone is just one example of distracted driving, or driver inattention. Inattentive driving, which ranges from adjusting the radio to rubbernecking and reaching for objects on the floor, is connected to 500,000 injuries and 5,000 deaths each year.

Common Traffic Hazards

Many other traffic accidents happen because of hazardous weather conditions or obstructed roadways. Still others may happen in parking lots, bumper-to-bumper traffic, busy intersections, or residential streets where pedestrians, drivers, and cyclists all compete for space and right of way. Rear-end accidents and intersection accidents are some of the most common collisions, leading to frequently underreported injuries.

Traffic accidents don’t only involve automobiles. Semi trucks are involved in up to 13 percent of all traffic fatalities in the U.S. Motorcyclists run a much higher risk of serious injury or death than drivers. A growing number of bicyclists are commuting on busy streets, adding another variable for driver’s to look out for. Pedestrians in crosswalks and intersections are frequent victims as well. Whether it involves a car, semi truck, motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian, auto accidents can happen at any time for reasons beyond the driver’s control.

Auto Accident Personal Injuries

The impact a crash can cause devastating injury to muscles, tissues, joints, bones, and organs. Whether you’re involved in a rear-end, head-on, or side impact collision, you will almost certainly need medical care for minor to severe injuries. Both temporary and long-term auto accident injuries can result in physical impairment or disfigurement, mental anguish, loss of wages, and worse. If you have suffered an injury in a car crash, you have a right to compensation for past and future medical costs.

Common Types of Personal Injuries in Car Accidents:

I was in a Car Accident: What Should I do now?

At the scene of an accident, you should put safety first. Once an ambulance is on its way and the roadway has been cleared of hazards, collect the personal information of all persons involved in the accident and any witnesses. File a police report even if no officers respond at the scene, but do not admit fault.

The next steps you want to take are to contact your insurance company and give an account of the accident, damage, and injury without admitting any liability. Get a comprehensive medical evaluation and have all injuries and expenses thoroughly documented. Call an auto accident attorney as soon as possible to begin the process of filing a claim. For more details on what to do in the event of an accident or personal injury, read our answers to frequently asked questions, and see What to do After an Auto Accident.

Personal Injury and Auto Accident Lawyers

Contacting a personal injury and auto accident attorney is the best decision you can make after an accident. Do not face insurance companies alone. An experienced attorney will help you navigate insurance claims and investigations, and fight for your compensation while you work toward physical and emotional recovery. There are complex legal rules involved in auto accident claims, such as rules of fault, which can affect the outcome of your settlement.

An attorney will protect your rights after an accident, determine the cost of damages, and negotiate full and just compensation for your personal injury or property damage claim. Hire an attorney to handle tricky legal processes and difficult doctors, lawyers, and insurance companies.

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Trevino Injury Law is a San Antonio based law firm who works on a “contingency fee basis” on all personal injury cases including auto accidents. Simply put, we only get paid if we win your case. If there is no recovery, you pay nothing.

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Call the personal injury attorneys of Trevino Injury Law today to schedule your FREE case evaluation with an experienced attorney.

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